Banglalion WiMAX 3 Great Offers! Free Internet & Gift!!!

BANGLALION brings Bonus offers for all!
Postpaid: Buy data or speed based on your choice
Prepaid: Get continuous validity for multiple recharge and chances to win free internet
Also 20 lucky reactivated customer will be able to get free internet in 2014



Offer 1: Postgid Data 81 Spged Add-on-Sept 2014

Duration: Till Sept 30, 2014

Offer : Customer can purchase additional data or bonus speed based on his requirements.


Price Usage Quota Double Speed Double Speed

(Incl. VAT) (limited & Unlimited) (limited plan) (Unlimited plan)

Tk.200 for each service 2 GB 15 Days (24 Hours) 15 Days (2 am — 8 pm)

Tk.400 for each service 5 GB 30 Days (24 Hours) 30 Days (2 am — 8 pm)

And 10 GB just only 700 Taka



a) Go to your WSC portal and purchase this addon service from the SERVICES tab.

b) You have to purchase each service separately.

c) Usage add—0n services can be purchased as many times but speed add—on services can be purchased only one time during
offer validity.

d) Unused data from the quota purchase will be carry forwarded to the next bill cycle.

e) Add—on quota will be added on his regular limit (ljmited plan) or on their FUP limit (King/King Pro plan).

f) For King/King Pro plan, FUP limit will be reschedules based on Add—on quota purchase (if any).

g) For Speed addon purchase, once purchase, customer must restart his modem to get the bonus speed.

h) No lower migration during campaign.



Offer 2: Prepgid Validig Extend Offer-Sept 2014

Duration: Till Sept 16, 2014

Offer :

a) For multiple recharge, validity of the card will be added one after another.
b) Additionally, for every card recharge customer will get 25% bonus data.



a) Applicable for Tk.99/199/399/699/999/1499 card

b) Customers’ regular data along with bonus data will be added at the time of recharge.

c) Validity of cards will be added at the end of current card’s validity and total days of validity will be added one after another for every card recharge.


3 Years Free Data & LTE Device Gift

BCL will also give 3 year free data and LTE device as a gift to 30 lucky customer from the campaign.



a) Top 20 customers will be selected based on total number of recharge during campaign period (Tk.99 and Tk.199 card is
not eligible for top 20 draw recharge count).

b) Lucky 10 random customers (other than top 20) will be selected based on lucky draw (Tk.99 and Tk.199 card is not eligible
for lucky 10 draw recharge count).

c) Winners will get 2.5GB free data with 30 days validity for 3 years. For additional data customer has to recharge Prepaid

d) All 30 winners will get a free LTE device by February 2015.

e) If customers migrate to any other plans or keep his line disconnect, then he will lose the free data offer.

f) Free data will not be carry forwarded.

g) Winners will be notified through official Facebook page and through SMS 7 days after campaign ends.

h) BCL deserves the right to select the draw winners.



Offer 3: Reactivation Lucg Draw-Sept 2014

Duration: Till Sept 30, 2014

Offer : 20 reactivated customers will be picked through lottery program and offer them free internet until end of 2014.



a) Applicable for customers who are inactive for 50 days or more (after grace period).

b) Winners has to reactivate through our reactivation offer. Please check our current ongoing reactivation offers.

c) Prepaid customer (50 days or more inactive) need to migrate to Postpaid first to be eligible for this offer.

d) Customer has to reactivate by paying the first month (September) rent.

e) Lucky winners will be allowed only up to the limit of that plan usage to get free data. Any additional usage will be charged
Tk.0.15/MB (+VAT).

f) Upper migration is allowed by paying the difference of plan cost (New plan cost—initial reactivated plan cost).

g) For lower migration winners will lose the free internet offer.

h) All 20 winners will get a free LTE device by February 2015.

i) Lucky winners will not be eligible for any other promotional offer during free internet time.

j) Winners will be announced within 7 days after campaign ends and will be communicated through Banglalion official Faoe—
book page and winne|’s registered phone number.

k) BCL deserves the right to select the draw winners.

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