Qubee WiMAX Internet Pakages! New!!!

Qubee WiMAX Internet Packages


Qubee WiMAX Prepay | Prepaid 

Get a Pre Pay package today and recharge at your own pace to experience QUBEE internet. You
can choose your recharge volume with great flexibility and ease with
recharge cards of BDT 50, 100, 300 and 500. Pre Pay recharge cards are
available at all QUBEE stores, Branded retail and general stores near
you. You can also migrate to other packages any time.Download Speeds up to 1Mbps
150 MB 3 days 50TK
350 MB 7 days 100TK
1.20 GB 30 days 300 TK
2.00 GB 30 days 500Tk
Qubee Prepay  Prepaid Postpaid internet Packages

 Qubee WiMAX Postpaid  |  Monthly Packages

Experience true broadband with QUBEE

From now on, Monthly Package connections start with minimum 1 Mbps
speed limit. Choose your monthly allocated volume and enjoy true
wireless broadband.

  • You would stay connected even after the allocated volume is over, with a compromised speed of 128 Kbps
  • There would be no additional charge on extra usage at compromised speed for the remaining days in the billing cycle
  • Regular speed can be restored by migrating to a higher package or purchasing additional volume

Download Speeds up to 1Mbps

2GB 500Tk

4GB 750Tk

8GB 1000Tk

12GB 1,250Tk

30GB 1,500Tk

SKY 45GB  2,500Tk

SKY PLUS 60GB 3,500Tk

Download Speeds up to 2Mbps

8GB  1,500Tk

12GB 2,000Tk

20GB 2,500Tk

30GB 3,500Tk

SKY 50GB 5,000Tk

SKY PLUS 60GB 6,000Tk

Download Speeds up to 4Mbps

20GB  5,000Tk

SKY 55GB  10,000Tk

Additional Volume

your compromised speed and use keep using it even after allocated
volume is over. Simply buy any of the below additional volume for your
monthly package. Package speed can be restored by purchasing additional
volume or migrating to a higher package. Additional volume can only be
used after surpassing allocated volume/FUP limit, only during the
billing month of purchase

400MB —-> 50Tk

1GB —-> 100Tk

2.5GB —-> 250Tk
6GB  —-> 500Tk
12GB —-> 1,000Tk

Helpline: (+88) 09613778233

Email : qubee@qubee.com.bd


OLD Packages>

Qubee WiMAX Prepay /Prepaid 

Packages : Speed : Tk 700 :Tk400 :Tk100

Pacer : 1Mbps : 2.5 GB : 1.25GB : 250MB

Spinnner : 512Kbps : 3.75 GB : 1.88 GB : 375MB

Sixer : 256Kbps : 4GB : 2 GB : 400MB

*Tk. 700 card recharge gives you 30 day validity.

*Tk. 400 card recharge gives you 30 day validity.

*Tk. 100 card recharge gives you 7 days validity
 Qubee WiMAX Postpaid (Price Including VAT) 

 Monthly Mini Pack 

Speed: 256 Kbps, Volume: 3 GB. Price: Tk 500

Speed 512 Kbps Volume: 2GB 500Tk

New Sky Plan 256Kbps -FUP 25GB – 1000Tk

Speed ———- 4GB* —– 8GB* ——– 16GB*——- Sky **

512 Kbps – BDT 750 – BDT 1000 – BDT 1200 – BDT 1,500 **( Sky FUP- 30GB)

1Mbps – BDT 1,000 – BDT 1,250 – BDT 1500 – BDT 2,500 **( Sky FUP-35 GB)

2Mbps – BDT 1,500 – BDT 2,000 – BDT 2,500 – BDT 5,000**( Sky FUP- 40GB)

Sky Plus Plans

Speed -Monthly Fee-Fair Use Policy(FUP)

512 Kbps – BDT 2,500 ( Sky FUP- 45 GB)

1Mbps -BDT 3,500 (Sky FUP-50 GB)

2Mbps – BDT 6,000 ( Sky FUP- 55 GB)

4Mbps – 50GB BDT 10,000

Sky Fair Use Policy(FUP) for Sky Packages :

512Kbps 30GB,

1Mbps 35GB,

2Mbps 40GB.

After Using 30GB/35GB/40GB, Your Speed will be 128kbps
till remaining days of month (bill cycle’s last day)

Plus Fair Use Policy(FUP) for Sky Packages :

512Kbps 45GB,

1Mbps 50GB,
2Mbps 55GB.

After Using 45GB/50GB/55GB, Your Speed will be 128kbps
till remaining days of month (bill cycle’s last day)