Robi Brings Sokal Bikal Bundle Offer!

Robi offers a wide range of bundle packs to cater the valued subscriber’s needs. Now Subscribers have the full freedom to choose their preferred one from 9 different bundle packs of Talk time, SMS, MMS and data. Details about the offer are given below:



Bonus Query and Validity and Others:


– 15% VAT applicable for all the bundle packs
– Bundle minute cannot be transferred through balance transfer
– To purchase bundle, subscriber need to dial the respective USSD codes
– Customer can buy the bundle pack as many times as they want
– Bundle Min Pulse: 10 sec.
– Bundle minutes can’t be used in fnf and priyo number
– SMS can be used in any local numbers and usage time is (12 am – 5 pm) except two daily bundles which has usage time from 5am-5pm
– The two daily bundles SMS usage time is (5 am – 5 pm) which has 24 hours validity

– Validity of bundle will be extended if any customer purchase another bundle within the validity period and the bonus values will be added.
– To check Robi- Robi minutes dial *222*2#, any operator minutes: *222*8#, SMS: *222*12#.and internet: *8444*88#.