Zoom Ultra New Connection Offers! 2GB 512Kbps 290Tk! 1000Tk Bonus!

Citycell has new offer for Zoom Ultra  new connections
citycell zoom ultra new rim
Zoom Ultra Prepaid Connection + Modem 1690Tk
Zoom Ultra Postpaid Connection + Modem 2190Tk
Zoom Ultra Privilege Plans
150Kbps 1.5GB 15Days 220Tk For Prepaid Type “UP1” send to 9666
300Kbps 3GB 30Days 390Tk For Prepaid /Postpaid Type “UP 4” send to 9666
512Kbps 3GB 30Days  490Tk For Prepaid Type “UP 5” send to 9666
512Kbps 5GB 30Days  790Tk For Prepaid /Postpaid Type “UP 6” send to 9666
VAT Applicable
Zoom Ultra Exclusive Plan
512Kbps 2GB 30Days 290Tk For Prepaid/Postpaid  Type “UP 9” send to 9666

VAT Applicable

How to check prepaid Zoom Ultra usage?
For a Pre-paid customer to know his/her current usage information, SMS ‘Usage’ to 811
How can a postpaid customer get to know about his/her Bill?
For current Bill and usage information, SMS ‘Bill’ to 7678 or log on to www.citycell.com/onlineselfcare. For monthly bill information through email, you can subscribe to Citycell’se-Bill service.