Robi New Interent Packages! Get 80% Extra Internet Offer!

Robi New Interent Packages!
Get 80% Extra Internet Offer!

Robi 80percent extra internet

Choose your preferred internet package to start your journey of high speed Robi internet, a world of new Internet experiences. Enjoy never ending streaming video, movies, music, news, sports, apps, games and more using internet.

Internet Pack Details:

250028 Days347399*8444*92#
10010 Days19n/a*8444*10019#
2007 Days24n/a*8444*2007#
451 Day10n/a*8444*21#
7(24 hrs)2n/a*8444*4#

– USSD packs are available for both prepaid and postpaid users.
– to check your internet balance please dial *8444*88#
– USSD packs price are excluding Supplementary Duty (SD) + VAT on price inclusive of SD and easy load packs are including VAT
– enjoy the pack volume in both 3G & 2G in maximum speed
– you can purchase same pack multiple time to top-up internet volume
– all packs can be used in 24 hours
– packs are in auto renewal, but you can deactivate your pack any time by dialing *8444#
– Easy load packs are not in auto renewal.




All Packages for Prepaid, Postpaid with Auto renew
Enjoy the pack volume in both 3G & 2G with Maximum Speed
To Get 3G Speed Dial *666*1#
To Cancel 3G Speed Dial *666*2# 

Robi Prepaid USSD Based Internet Packages:
7 MB 1Day 2Tk+VAT Dial *8444*4#
45MB 1Day 10Tk+VAT Dial *8444*21#
200MB 7Days 24Tk+VAT Dial *8444*2007#
100MB 10Days 19Tk+VAT Dial *8444*10019#
100MB 28Days 40Tk+VAT Dial *8444*100#
250MB 28Days 75Tk+VAT Dial *8444*250#
750MB 28Days 175Tk+VAT Dial *8444*500#
1.5GB 28Days 275Tk+VAT Dial *8444*85#
2.5GB 28Days 347Tk+VAT  Dial *8444*92#

Robi Prepaid Recharge Based Internet Packages:
100MB 28Days Recharge Exactly 46Tk
750MB 28Days Recharge Exactly 201Tk
1.5GB 28Days Recharge Exactly 316Tk
2.5GB 28Days Recharge Exactly 399Tk
* VAT included.
Data Check *8444*88#

Pay Per Use Tariff

Pay Per Use (PPU)BDT 0.015/KB

Important Notes:

– After expiration of Data Bundle Pack, subscribers will be charged BDT 0.01/10 KB
– Dial *8444*88# for data balance check.
– To avail 3.5G internet service dial *666*1#
– 3.5G Deactivation Code: *666*2#
– To ensure smooth video call service, you need to have 3G video call enabled handset, and be within 3G network coverage too.
– 3% Supplementary Duty (SD) + 15% VAT on price inclusive of SD will be applicable on bundle price.

You can activate your designed internet bundle using:
– USSD menu : dial *8444# – Toll-free IVR : call 8444

Auto renew off:
Dial *8444# Then reply with 2 ,Then reply with 1,Then reply with 2 or 1
2=Cancel Plan Subscription and 1=Temporary Stop Plan

Check internet remaining balance,dial *8444*88#
To know Data Packs *8444#