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72% of the population who are yet to experience internet – is a joint initiative of Robi and Facebook towards bridging the digital divide & building knowledge based society. Fueling affordable internet access to local & international content which can act as key enablers to drive “Digital Bangladesh”. Grameenphone Free Internet.

Now with GP, even if you don’t have an internet plan, you can still access a basic-version of internet without any charge, a free dial tone to internet… Grameenphone Free Internet.


How do I use Free Basics?

– Insert GP SIM card
– Make sure mobile data is turned on in your phone’s settings. Don’t worry, Free Basics is free and won’t deduct from your balance.
– Click your internet browser icon (it might say Opera or Chrome, or look like a globe).
– At the top in the address box, type in It may take a few moments to load.
– Accept the Terms of Service. Now you can use free websites on!


To use the Android app:
• In your phone’s settings, turn on mobile data or connect to Wi-Fi. Using the app is free once you download it.
• Download the app. Grameenphone Free Internet.
• To use the app, make sure mobile data is still turned on.
• Click the icon on your home screen.
• Now you can use free websites on!

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