JSC/JDC/PSC Result Re-Scrutiny Board Challenge By Teletalk

JSC/JDC/PSC Result Re-Scrutiny Puno-Nirikkhon

Board Challenge By Teletalk

JSC Result rescrutiny 2015

SMS Method (Teletalk)

1. Type message only from teletalk prepaid mobile:
RSC <Space>1st 3 letter of board <Space> roll<Space>subject code & send to 16222

Example: “rsc dha 123456 101” & send to 16222

Every subject or part will charge fee 125Tk each

2. In return sms candiate will get sms noticing amount of fee providing a pin number. If agreed, type sms again likely this:
RSC < Space > yes < Space > pin <  Space > any contact number & send to 16222

Example: rsc yes 47483875 01XXXXXXXXX & send to 16222

Dubjects contains two part (Bangla & English) ,code (Bangla – 101 & English- 107) as two part of any subjects charge will be applicable for fee 250Tk.

3. To include more than one subjects within single sms have to add those one after another by comma(,).
Example: “rsc dha 123456 101,107” & send to 16222

Re-Scrutiny Apply Last Date

From 1 January, 2016 To 7 January, 2016

About Primary PSC/EBT Result Re-Scrutiny Puno-Nirikkhon/Board Challenge By Teletalk

You can’t apply for PSC Re-scrunitny. Re-scrunitny is only for JSC/JDC.


To See Full MarkSheet PSC/JSC Result 2015. Click HERE


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